This Wasn't In My Plans for Today!

 Just this past Thursday, I posted about the Garden - Where My Pups Run Free on the TOHOT link party, so when things went from good to bad during our High Wind yesterday, I thought....This WAS NOT in my plans for last Saturday - Antique Shopping was.  I haven't been in an Antique Shop in years!  And, those of  you who have known me for any length of time, know it was one of my favorite things to do!  I used to buy...
things for my home and then others to sell in my Etsy and E-Bay shops.  

But, alas... 

Antique shopping will have to wait...for another time.

Something much more urgent came up, or should I say came DOWN during the night.  That's right...a large section of my courtyard wall, came DOWN. That's the wall I shared last week at Jemma's Link Party.   All the concrete blocks fell over...and it's a huge mess.  I have to see if I can fix it.  It's going to take alot of muscle to get this back into shape.  First of all the blocks each weigh 43# and when wet, as they are now...they weigh more.  Alot of the blocks are muddy, because they hold the soil in the wall for my garden.  Ughhhh.

There have to be at least 100 [I didn't count them all] blocks that fell down.  It's not just a matter of picking them up and putting them you'll see, when you look at all of the photos.

This is the outside least half of it has fallen down.  The falling blocks stopped about 2 feet from the gas meter on the lot next door.

First, I have to make room for me to walk and work where the blocks are now.  I also have to shore up a section that is threatening to fall over.  There is an electric and a gas meter near it...and I wouldn't want that wall to fall on those!

But, if you look, you can see that the bottom row of blocks twisted and are nearly on their that means I have to pull them all out and then make sure there is gravel or sand beneath them before I can stack them.  And there is garden dirt that fell, that will have to be shoveled back on top.

Oh, boy...what a job!

At least it will be around 60-65° outside today!

Here's the inside wall, in front of my remaining hydrangeas...that I built a week ago.

While I was surveying the damage, the Pups were at I snapped a few...

left to right:  Rosie, Jasper [the butt] and Angel

And off they went, while Jasper shook his head.

Now...I'm off too!

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  1. Oh no! I am soooo sorry! I hope you have someone who can fix this for you. What a shock. This seems to be the story around the states this winter. We have had lots of huge fir trees come down out here in Oregon. The weatherman said it has been the wettest record on the books here after the hottest summer we ever had! I'm glad you weren't hurt.

  2. Ugh!! That's going to be a big job but just think of the muscles you'll be building. That's how I try to look at big hard jobs.

    Thank you so much for joining us at TOHOT. We love having you...I'm sure I've already said that before but it's true. :)

  3. Oh Jan,

    I just bet you could not believe that this happened! Not to mention the antique shopping was delayed.

    I will say though that it looks like Spring is winking at you, look at that grass trying to wake up from a Winters nap.
    I sure hope you found someone to haul these off for you.
    We all so appreciate you joining us for TOHOT.
    Sending Warm Hugs,

  4. I can see why you'd rather be shopping for antiques! What heavy work you have in store now ... actually I read your update, and I hope you're not too stiff and sore after moving all those blocks. Wind can do weird damage, but thankfully no damage was done to your neighbour's gas line! Good luck with it all.

  5. Jan-
    Thank you so much for joining TOHOT. We really appreciate your support!

    Big jobs can be so overwhelming, but I know you can do it.


  6. Oh Jan I am so sorry this happened. Setbacks such as this can be so disheartening but I know you will keep at adding joy and beauty to the world.

    I am a bit late in visiting due to it being college finals week for me but I am so thankful you joined Thought of Home on Thursday.