Wedding Gown...A Re-Design - for Pauline

What a lovely WEDDING there a wedding in someone's future? There have been some things taking place recently. Here are photos of the gown, the front, with the train showing underneath it and then just the train, by itself.  CLUE:  It is NOT mine.  What do I mean? Over the weekend, Pauline (our silent dinner hostess) let us know that she had indeed found someone special, someone she wanted...
to spend her life with...his name is ALBERT. They met some time ago, in a window display at Macy's. They lost touch, but recently Albert had seen Pauline on his owner's computer...while she was viewing our blog. Imagine that. Next thing, Albert is asking for Pauline's "base" in marriage. Here is PAULINE!!! She is so excited about the upcoming nuptials.

She was all a-tither, trying to figure out what she would do for a dress, since what she was wearing would never do. I suggested that she allow me, a former owner of a Bridal business, to re-design the beautiful Wedding Gown we purchased last weekend, into a gown just for her. She was elated at the thought. So, what was once the bottom of the gown, became the bodice of the new gown. Although armless, Pauline has sleeves that float beautifully. She always wanted a crinoline, and that is exactly what the skirt of her gown is.

The off-the-shoulder sleeve cap, loaded with roses, is her headpiece. There is no train and it is not even missed on this gorgeous gown. As I fit the gown on Pauline, she and I conversed and imagined who had worn this wedding gown before. We were envisioning a Princess...a Commoner...a young girl and then............then we found a name in the hem of the gown. It was Marie Ann Hermann. In doing some checking on this woman...we found that Marie Ann had gotten married at a young age of 18 to a man she was head over heels in love with. When they moved to Michigan a few years later...Marie Ann decided to let the gown go to someone else who would it enjoy it as much as she had. How wonderful is that? *Dabbing eyes* Here is PAULINE in all her her gown...just days before the special occasion. will meet ALBERT. Don't they make a beautiful couple?

Ohhhhhhhhhh...shhhhhhhh...the wedding march is beginning. The vows are gorgeous. "To have and hold still stand next to each other always". Cake and Punch were served after the private wedding. Pauline and Albert will honeymoon in Medina, Ohio...and plan to Move into their New Residence when they return home.  We wish them both well and thank them for all the help they were while they lived here.

And this is Albert!

Congratulations to Pauline & Albert!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Janis, what a wonderful story and fun post. I love the redesign of the gown and how Pauline met Albert. They make a special couple. So enjoying your new blog and your posts. For some reason I am no longer getting your posts by email. I will try and sign up again.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh my, absolutely a beautiful design for the bride! I love weddings especially the cake and punch....

  3. Hi Jan, this post was so much fun to read again. Still a special story you created and beautiful wedding dress. Albert is as dapper as ever. Thanks for sharing again.
    Blessings. xo