The Last Two I've Seen Were G4N

It's true.  I'm sure this has happened to more people than just me.  It's a shame too.  I have never been too keen on the idea of seeing a doctor...I won't deny it.  I've had several very inept ones with poor hygiene, deplorable bed-side manner and attitudes that show they really don't care.

Now any place I've ever worked, in sales or Interior Design, if I treated a client as poorly and shown such lack of care...I wouldn't have been working there very long.
Well, my thoughts of doctors didn't change when I had Bell's Palsy - OK, maybe they did...for the worse.  I was threatened that I would NEVER recover without taking the medicines they wanted me to take.  Even after wading through my history of reactions to medications in the past, including the very ones they wanted me to take...they still continued the tirade.  The diagnosis was Bell's Palsy, but patient will not take the meds necessary to heal.  Given her age, weight, medical history and the amount of stress she said she suffers from...she will not have a very good outcome.

Guess what?  I told them to _ _ _ _ _ it and I walked out!  I didn't take their medicines, suffered even a 2nd bout of it 18 months later and have recovered nearly completely!!  They were wrong.

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 Now...most of you know about the summons I got to drive 62 miles to Detroit for Jury Duty in late spring [and if you don't, you can read about it here].  I went to a new doctor...she seemed interested in what I was telling her about the panic attacks at the thought of going to Detroit in a 14 yr old car for who knows how long for jury duty...besides having a bum knee, being on medication that makes me very tired and leaving my 3 dogs at home for 12 hours a day...not having any "friends" here, being overwhelmed and everything.  She faxed an excuse, but will not tell me what she wrote in the excuse - she said it was just a "standard" excuse letter.  When I called to let her know how distraught I was when I found out it had been denied, I could only leave a message.  That was Monday - and I was just contacted by someone from the clinic telling me that the doctors' suggestion was that I find someone to drive me to Detroit.  Now really, who am I going to impose on to drive me there, wait from 8am until 5pm for me and bring me home, for a minimum of 5 days...up to 3 weeks, if I get selected for a jury and the case goes that long...or even longer?   Yes, they could drive me up there...return to their home and then turn around and drive back and forth again later in the day.  That would be nearly 250 miles a day!  I was fit to be tied.  I told the gal that called to tell the doctor I didn't appreciate her suggestion at all.

So, I will definitely be heading to Detroit when they "call" me.  Scared or not.  

At least I have a neighbor who I was talking to lastnight, telling her that I was going to hire a Pet-Sitter to come in twice a day while I was gone to take the pups outside, bring them in, give them their treat, play with them a bit and put them back to bed...when she said, "YOU WILL NOT!  Don't spend the money.  We have our live less than 100 feet from our house...and we are more than willing to visit with your Pups as many times a day while you're gone, as you feel they need."  I just about cried right then.  I know that was a gift from them sent by God.  I know HE will get me through the rest.  
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Jan, I would almost be tempted to go to the ER the day I was to go to Detriot. What a stupid thing for your doctor to do. Like she had no idea what you were talking about. Finding a good dr. is getting to be like looking for hen's teeth as my mother used to say. I just got anew dr. Hoping and praying he stays here to help us. I am not a medicine take either...hate taking things...some times the cure sounds scarier than the disease. Blessings to you, thankful for your neighbor. , xoxo,Susie