Weekend Work on the Garden Wall

A little over a year ago, I was getting little to no exercise.  That's right.  Unless you count blogging, checking my email, visiting internet friends, shopping and playing games on-line exercising...like this little cartoon [by the way, click on the photo to enlarge it] I found...LOL!!  Then, I was thrust into doing everything around the house - inside and out - myself.  That was ALOT to someone not getting much physical exercise...believe you me!!  I've lost 65# and kept it off...and feel pretty darn good.  Then in February, during a particularly windy night [gusts up to 65mph] blew down my garden wall...and the REAL work and exercise began.  It will continue on for
quite a while longer.  There is alot more to do.  I had one woman stop by my house, when she saw me out and asked what I was doing - what happened to my hydrangeas and when I told her...she asked "Don't you have a husband to do all of that?  I just laughed and said, "NO!" and turned and walked back to the wall and got back to work!

Here are 3 photos from the work I did on Saturday - April 16th.  Since then, I've either been busy with other things [Grooming & Bathing all 3 Pups], [taking things to Goodwill] or [cooking some good meals].  Oh...trying to stay out of the sun isn't easy either - medication I take says avoid sunlight, so on warm days that are sunny, I can't work out there - cool and sunny days are GREAT - can wear a long sleeve shirt and my big hat!  Now it's time to run between raindrops...with alot of rain forecast for my area.  So, who knows when I'll post more photos of the wall.

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. WOW Jan,you have done an amazing job on this very heavy job. I don't know how you are doing it all. You are incredible. Take care in that sun. Sending hugs!!