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Yes, 8 years ago May 3, 2008 I began blogging.  In the early stages of blogging, I just blogged about anything, at least I think I did.  I don't remember my first post and I don't have it here on this blog.  Some time ago, when I changed my Blog Name and started a new blog, everything was supposed to be added to the Blog, but wasn't.  That's OK.  That doesn't upset me.

I've had many blog names...and finally in late December [actually New Year's Eve] 2014, I decided to start this blog.  I transferred everything I could from the old blog and started 2015 with Jan's Place.

Over the years...things change...and change they did.  
  • I went from a No-Dog household to a 3-Dog Household.  Love them all.  Still miss Benny.
  • I started out with a small garden that grew and grew and eventually built a Garden Wall/Courtyard to grow pretty flowers, herbs and veggies in...and it worked out keeping the Pups in the yard.
  • I posted mostly about interior design then began posting about domestic violence, my home tours and even posting recipes.
But, 2015 brought the biggest changes to my life and to my blogging...
  • First off, right after the new year, my husband was mistakenly diagnosed with cancer, but we didn't know it was a mistake for about 7 weeks.
  • Meanwhile, during that time, many tests were done and many hospital, testings, doctor visit bills mounted up.
  • Found out that when hubby retired, he didn't take Medicare Part there was no co-pay, we had WE-PAY-ALL!
  • Hubby's alzheimers got worse and he got depressed and mean.  I was under siege in my own home. 
  • Then surprisingly and with no notice, he moved out.  He has never called, we haven't talked about anything more than taxes and a bill or some piece of mail and then it's only about that.  He never came back home, like he said he was planning to do when he left.
  • I forgave him, almost immediately after he left...because he certainly wasn't anyway, shape or form the man I had married 9 1/2 years earlier.
  • I've learned to do everything around here by myself.  The Pups and I are healthy and strong and get along well.
  • I've lost a total of 69# since April of 2015.
  • Although I feel widowed, I know that I am not - and neither am I divorced.  So, I feel a bit "stuck".  I don't fit into singles groups...I am uncomfortable in Olden People's Groups...I don't fit into married'm still looking for a spot for ME.

Let's see, if I blog another 8 years, it will be 2024...and I'll be ?how many? years old.  We won't go there.  It won't be toooooo old.  LOL!!

Thanks for stopping in today to help me celebrate 8 years blogging!!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. Jan, every since you told me a little about your story I've thought about you. I hope you are very proud of yourself for all that you are doing on your own. You are carrying on. I'm sure it's hard and you do feel a little stuck. Only you can figure out the answers for you but just know that somebody way off in Texas is thinking of you and proud.

  2. Happy 8 years of blogging. Your life has seen many,many changes and I remember many of them, Jan. You are a strong woman-look how far you have come. You will find your 'place' eventually. xo Diana

  3. Hi Jan,
    Happy Blogaversary! Wow, lots of changes over the years. You are one strong woman and have shown how to move forward, even thru the tough times. I'm sure that you've inspired many women to make the most of life, no matter what it might throw at you!

  4. Hi Jan, Congrats on your 8 years of blogging. I am so blessed to call you my friend over all this time. You have accomplished so much all on your own and driven through hard times with grace and courage. You are such an inspiration to me and I celebrate with you this time, changes and what's yet to come!! So very happy and proud for you!!
    Love from your friend, xo Blessings

  5. Jan, Blogging is a great way to stay connected to others. It is also a wonderful form of therapy...let's us get things off our chests and a bit of understanding from others. At least I hope that is true for you. I am enjoying getting to know you. I wish you the very best. Happy Blogaversary to you . Blessings, xoxo, Susie