Master Bedroom & Bathroom Make-Over

***Originally posted in February 2016***  [a few changes made since then, but those photos will be seen at a later date]  As promised, I was able to get the pictures taken and get this post done this week!  WOW!  Things certainly do look different around my home.  And this is just the beginning.  If you missed the post of How the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom looked before, click Here.  I'd always wanted a Sleigh Bed, so when I decided it was time for new Bedroom Furniture, this is exactly what I got!  A sleigh bed, a high dresser...and 2 large nightstands.  In a deep cherry finish.  I love it.  The curtains, valances, lace sheers and pleated shades are on all 12 windows in my home.  Since I have a dramatically open concept works so well.  They are a bronzey-gold and I love them.

 [the sunlight streaming in the windows...makes some of these photos a bit dark - but it adds to the drama of the room]

You'll notice that my large nightstands are not on the sides of the bed, in front of the windows as many people would place them.  Rather, I opted for a smaller lamp table [black], with a shelf and drawer [big enough for the remote for the adjustable mattress base I have and the remote for the ceiling fan] next to the bed, alongside an animal print [leopard, of course] chair.  After much hunting for the perfect bedcoverings, I opted for a beautiful quilt and shams, with roses and other flowers in a pink/ivory/burgundy color combination.  In the photo below, you can see that the quilt is scalloped along the edges all the way around.  So are the pillow shams.

The colors used in the room were all pulled from the artwork I already owned and had displayed in other areas of my home.  Roses above the bed...and Woman with Roses above the night stand.

I had this print framed and got it a couple of Christmases ago, as my Christmas gift!

In this photo, you can really see the style of the furniture and the color of the wood.  The sleigh bed is something I'd always wanted and when I decided to get new furniture, I bought this set.  A small, ornate Syrocco mirror, lamp, Love picture, chest with fleur de lis, a heart shaped picture frame with a lady smelling a rose and a mirror tray on a pedastal, holding candle cups is all I needed to complete the look.  Then I added the mate to the other Leopard print chair to the side of the dresser.

More syrocco plaques hang on the wall to the left, when you enter the bedroom.  On the nightstand is Picture frame with Marie Antoinette's photo, my clock radio and a small jewelry tray that was handpainted by a good friend of mine [Celeste].

Here's another look at the dresser, with the rose picture above the bed reflected in the syrocco mirror.

I have always loved quilts and now I have this one [well, I really have 3 of this quilt, in twin, queen and king - remember my open concept?  I use them in 2 other rooms.]

The pillows I've picked up throughout the last 7 years...and had put away, waiting to be used.  The large one has a chenille border around vintage material in the center...the woman with the rose is in the center of an oblong pillow...again with vintage fabric...and the pillow on the left is a heart, which you can see better in the photo below.

The wide lace edging all around the pillow, with the flowers and leaves and the wide white just beautiful.

Now, over the top of my lamp, I have a handpainted ornament with roses and a lady...and lots of white boa feathers hanging.  It was also painted by Celeste.

My master bathroom looks so different than before, too.    I love the bronze lights, with 60-watt PINK lightbulbs in them...the bronze framed mirrors, a crackle glass bronze candle holder [in front of an all-too-bright night light - which doesn't look too bright through it]...and another handpainted tray by Celeste hung on the wall.

You can see a glimpse of the chandelier in the mirror on the left, if you really look...

Again, the sunlight makes this photo darker than it really should be...but it does look dramatic, doesn't it?  This chandelier is hung on a chain from the ceiling and is hard-wired.  It's bronze in color with some golden antiquing...and I bought it at a garage sale - never used, in the original box, about 7 years ago...for...are you ready?...for $3.00!!! 

Here's looking at the counter wall from the other end of the bathroom, looking toward the door.

A rose clock that was purchased at a garage sale for $1.00 and had never been used.  On the wall, by the door [over there on the left in the photo] are my Syrocco Flower Plaques, painted and Rub 'n Buff-ed by me.

They looked like this when I purchased them for only $8.00 for the pair.

After I spray painted them black and added the Rub 'n Buff, they looked like this...

Because of the skylight in the bathroom and the sun shining in it, the flowers don't look as burgundy and the leaves don't look as green as they really are. 

When entering the Bathroom, the wall at the opposite end of the door has this arrangement on it.

Another plaque [this time plaster], painted and Rub 'n Buff-ed the same as the syrocco plaques, 2 sconces [painted too] and the beautifully framed in black Parisian Rose Print.

Looking out the door of the Bathroom into the Bedroom.

The prettiest Burgundy/Pink/Green/Ivory rugs, with rubber backing I've ever seen now belong to me and are used throughout the house.

My Pink Bathrobe hangs from a pretty hook on the door.

My walk-in closet...which measures approximately 13' by 6' so large, I am able to store lots of things, along with my clothes in here.

When entering the closet, on the left is the light switch and 6 4-foot shelves that are empty...empty because I rearranged the closet the other day.

The fleece DIVA blanket is covering pillows and some other artwork, suitcases and pads for my patio swing, of course, on shelves, too.

I have quite a few of these windows boxes that I put things in for storage...doilies, curtains, clothing, Christmas Ornaments [hand-painted by Celeste], towels, etc.

Aclothes hamper...hanging rod for clothes and the Quilt on the Pedastal is covering the Pups Den [their crate].  They love it there.  When it thunders and rains...that's where they head.  They did that even before I put their crate in there...because it's an inside room...against the heaviest wall of my home...where we go when there are any Weather Warnings.  They sleep so well in there.  It's their little CAVE!

Lampshades, finials, more on the lower shelves.

Sweaters hung on hangers in a special "fold" so they don't pucker at the shoulders and don't fall off the hangers.  See the instructions Here.

Around the corner...lamps...winter pajamas, nightgowns, jeans, sweatshirts...

More window storage boxes with sheets, a suitcase, plaques, painting clothes, cooler and tool box.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the re-do of my Master Bedroom and Bathroom.  There will be other BEFORE and AFTER pictures/posts to come of other areas of my home.

The color on the walls is Pixie Dust by Valspar.  It's a very pale pink.

The pink 60-watt lightbulbs that give a beautiful glow in any room...are from Lighting Supply Here

The hand-painted items I said were painted by Celeste are some of the many items I've purchased from Celeste at  her Celestina Marie Design Etsy Shop

My bedroom set is from ArtVan Furniture and is part of the Rochelle Collection Here

Quilt is from Bella Home Fashions...Here

Window Storage Boxes were found at Lowes
Curtains and Valances are from JCPenney Here mine are Topaz

Rugs are from JCPenney Here mine are Garnet

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. Hi Jan! Oh,your bedroom looks so beautiful! I love your sleigh bed and your bed linens! I see you have so many pretties from Celeste. She is just so talented, isn't she? Now, I'm trying my best not to covet, but I love love love your big closet! You have it organized so wonderfully too. Those window boxes are great, I don't think I've ever seen those before. That's a great place for the pups' crate too. We have just little small long closets in this house. I sure would love to have a walkin! :) Boo hoo for me! Hope you're doing well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Jan, I am in love with those closets. I like the spread and the lady painting. You have a beautiful retreat now. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Hi Jan, WOW what a fabulous redesign you created in this beautiful room. I love your furniture and the bed quilt and pillows is so pretty. I loved seeing how you use the many items you purchased from my shop. You really know how to display and pull it all together.
    Love the sconces you recreated with the rub and buff. They are so much better after you performed your magic on them. And your closet is perfect the best ever. Love your window boxes. Such great storage and perfect for the dog crate too. You did an amazing job Jan and this room looks so warm and inviting. I know you are enjoying the comfort here and all the pretties. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration. Have a great rest of the weekend. Blessings, xo

  4. Jan,
    First off thank you so much for joining in Thoughts of Home on Thursdays, it is our pleasure to have you join us.
    You have a created a glorious, elegant, charming retreat in your delightful and gracious home.
    Beautiful, beautiful.
    Warm Hugs

  5. Your bedroom is so pretty, Jan. That furniture is stunning and you'll love it for years to come I'm sure. You have a little Victorian touch with your decorating. It's beautiful!

    Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I'm loving your soft music. :)

  6. I've always loved sleigh beds! What a lovely room!

  7. Hi Jan, So much fun to view your gorgeous bedroom once again. Everything is so pretty. I know you are enjoying this very peaceful space. Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  8. Hi Jan! Hope you're doing well and thanks for popping in to see me. Have a nice Valentine's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Jan what an enchanting bedroom. I adore the bedding. I can't believe how clean your closet it!

    Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Hi Jan, I just love this beautiful bedroom and all the details you give it. Thank you for sharing it once again. You always inspire me with your talents in decorating. Looking forward to the seeing the changes you've made. Have a great weekend ahead dear friend. xo

  11. Your bedroom looks lovely, Jan ♥