Looking Back and Wondering...

Do You Remember When...It was so "in" to have a Dress Form grace your home?   I had three of them.  I dressed them all, named them and did posts about them, too.  The forms themselves were relatively easy to find...just by googling.  Before I purchased my first on-line Mannequin [I purchased 2 from an on-line company], I called the company and asked questions about it.  They were very helpful.  After receiving "her", I selected a name, fabric, lace, flowers and whatever else I was going to use to "dress her".  Then I got to work, using pins for one and liquid starch on the other 2, to clothe them.  I found Ms. Pauline in a corner of a booth at an Antique Mall.  She was...the soft squishy foam kind of mannequin...old and rather discolored.  She really reminded me of my Grandmother, Pauline Hermann...hence her name.  This is Pauline.

My grandmother was the squishy sort, wore lacey clothing, always had an apron on when she was at home and smelled so pretty.  I got Pauline in 2008.  She greeted guests as they arrived for Tea or Dinner for a number of years.  She usually stood near the TeaCart you see in her photo.

I posted several times about Pauline on my old blog...but only have the post of Pauline's Wedding on this blog.  It was a beautiful day in 2012 that she married Albert.  You can read the post about her wedding here.

  These two Mannequins were added in 2009.  On the left is Isabella and on the right is Lily.  They have beautiful "shapes" don't they?   Unlike Pauline, who I pinned clothing on to dress...I used Liquid Starch to put fabric on Isabella's and Lily's hard foam bodies.  Then I added lace and ribbon flowers, trims, jewelry and doilies to them.  The stood in my Dining Room, center stage behind the dining table.
Here's a close-up of them.

I had them up until early 2015, when Isabella and Lily left my employ and headed off to Paris.  They found work very quickly there and continue to work in the same home together again.

Did you have Mannequins in your home?  Did you join the many parties that filled Blogland back then?  Did they make you smile as I'm smiling now, remembering the fun they were?

Thanks for stopping in today...I hope you enjoyed your visit.

This was originally posted on March 3, 2016.

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  1. Oh my! These are so lovely! I can't imagine the time and skill it took to get Isabella and Lily all prettied up! They are gorgeous! And Pauline looks very snazzy in her pretty apron.

  2. This is so much fun, Jan! I've seen other people dress their mannequin for holidays and special days. I would love to have one to do that with. My luck though, I'd always think it was an intruder in the house!

    So glad you shared this with TOHOT. :)

  3. I keep searching for a Dress Form and Isabella and Lily are both so charming, with great shapes!

  4. Hi Jan, Yes, I do remember when and these lovelies you so creatively designed. We sure did have fun then with the dress form parties. I still have one in the bedrooms but have upgraded to a more farmhouse look!! It is still fun to coordinate with the rooms. I am sure your gals are enjoying a wonderful time in France. Thanks for the look back. Have a great day. xo
    p.s. love your music!

  5. Oh Yes- I remember! My granddaughter had one in her bedroom that she just adored. It is still fun to see them around here and there, though. xo Diana