My Prettied-Up Kitchen-Aid Mixer - UPDATE

 Remember when I posted about my Newly Prettied-Up Kitchen Aid Mixer in February this year {2016]?  It was a Beauty!  I got the Kitchen Aid Mixer and ordered some pretty Decals!  I loved all of the details in the decals...and they were easy to apply.  You may remember, I told you about my friend, Shelia who posted about her prettied-up Mixer...and that's where I got the idea to pretty-up my new mixer..  I checked out Kathy's Etsy Shop, Hens In Daisies and found something that fit right in with the colors and style in my home and my Kitchen.


I was excited to get started putting the decals on my new mixer.  It adds pizzazz sitting on my counter, especially next to the pink on my wall and the black side of my stainless steel refrigerator.

The set of decals came with enough to do both sides of the mixer, which I did.  So, each side looks a tad different....but I like that.  There is no way, except in the pictures, that you can see both sides and notice the differences.  But, heck, flower gardens all grow different now don't they?  They don't match either.

I'm so glad I did this.  The mixer is easy to clean up - with just a damp cloth on the decals.  The decals are also removable [and not usable again] - with no sticky stuff left behind.

Now for my UPDATE:

After getting this mixer and putting on the decals for the right amount of Glitz...I was disappointed in the mixer itself.  I didn't use it often...and by the time I figured out that it wasn't going to do for me what I had wanted it to do...I couldn't return it anymore.

I left it out on my counter for a while...and that made me more disappointed...knowing I wouldn't use it again.  I didn't like how poorly whipped cream would turn out...just kind of runny.  From then stayed in the cabinet...never again to be used or even seen.

You see, I have the Larger 600 Kitchen Aid mixer, too...and have had it for years.  It was just a struggle to get it up out of the cabinet to the counter to use it and thought the smaller one would do the trick for most things.  I have a smaller set of decals on it...but will be getting a different set.

Today, the Mixer you see in the photo above is in the hands of someone who could really use it.  I'd asked God to show me what He wanted me to do with it and He answered today.  This lady I met had one that bit the dust and so desired to have another one.  I met her while I was at Menards.  She was looking at colors of paint and asked me a question and we just got to talking.  Even with her small grandson in the cart, we talked about tons of different things and she mentioned that she had to get home, she was baking cookies in the afternoon.  That's when she mentioned that she'd be stirring the batter by hand, because her mixer burnt up.  We were about 3 miles from my house and I didn't know if she'd be wanting to drive over to my house...but I just blurted out, I have one you can have.  It's been used 3 times and it's all prettied-up with Roses on decals.  She was elated and couldn't believe I was going to give it to her.  She kept asking how much I wanted for it.  I kept assuring her that it was hers if she just drove over to my house.

We left the store...oddly enough, she was parked right beside my car!!  She loaded up her grandson...and we headed to my house.

Knowing how I felt I told her I'd understand not wanting to walk into someone's house she didn't know...and that I'd be happy to go in and bring it and the attachments and instruction booklet out to her.  She stood by her car with such anticipation.

When I walked out the door of my house, her eyes lit up and I knew it was where God wanted the mixer to be going.

She gave me a hug after we set it in her car.  And she was waving as she drove away.

Just wanted to share this with you!!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. It looks beautiful! I never thought of putting the scalloped trim just on the front on those models, great idea. Thank you for sharing this Jan!

  2. Hi Jan! Oh, congrats on your new mixer and I love the decals! You picked the ones I did. I love this style. I didn't do both sides but I guess I need to! Kathy does great work. Don't know how she does it! Love your new mixer and get busy and bake me something! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I'm going to look at her site right now! My old mixer could use sprucing up! GORGEOUS!! <3

  4. Hi Jan, love your new nicer!! I love the decals. Had such a hand painted look. Thanks for sharing the etsy shop. Enjoy your new mixer.
    Have a great weekend. xo

  5. Jan, I love your new mixer. It is pretty. It does look hand painted too. Blessings and happy mixings. xoxo,Susie

  6. I love these decals! I was just telling a friend I wanted a new mixer just so I could get one of the pretty new colors. These decals could certainly give my mixer a new look without a new price. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Jan,
    You are inspiring me with your new mixer and decals, love the vintage hand painted look.
    I am going to investigate into these, as my mixer is my pantry now and could use a Spring makeover.
    Thank you so much for sharing your Time, talents and inspiration with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday! Hope to see you next week too.

  8. That's such a great idea and it's gorgeous!

  9. I saw those decals at Sheila's and I think that they are just the sweetest! Prefect for spring...

  10. I didn't mixer decals existed.
    It looks so pretty!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!

  11. Now that I've seen your pretty mixer, I have just got to dress up mine!!! Saw your link at Thoughts at Home. Nice to meet ya!

  12. You are going to love your new mixer!! How pretty you made your new mixer look, too. Thanks for the information on the decals. I'm going to head on over....

  13. That is neat!! I have seen those on pinterest a few times. Your mixer looks ready for spring.

  14. Adorable. WHat a great idea!

  15. Jan, that is a cool Kitchen Aid Mixer. I never thought about using the decals to pretty it up. You did a nice job on it. Shelia is so talented, what a great idea.

    Happy March!

    love, ~Sheri

  16. Jan I love your mixer! I am now looking at my own white Kitchen Aide. :) Thank you ever so much for linking up at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence adds such a ray of sunshine!

  17. That is so adorable, Jan!

  18. Hi Jan, I remember this post and how beautiful your mixer was. Too bad it didn't work properly for you but is going to be a blessing to another. This is so you to bless another with a gift from your heart. This is why you are loved my friend.
    I know you were blessed by the giving. xoxo

  19. Your mixer is gorgeous ♥