I ♥ Shopping - Candles Part 1

Candles - I love using them.  I love the scents and the ambiance of them...the beautiful light...the dancing flame.  Hmmmmmmmm...they make me swoon.  Then when you have candles with pretty labels, dotted with "sparkle"...oh my.  The beauty of it all.

You know me, when I decide I want something I do something about it, because

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Now...the candle above, with the Cherubs and Roses, was the first one that caught my eye...when I began checking out this Etsy shop:

 Mary Romick's Etsy Shop

Mary has an assistant, Richard Romick you should visit here [very cute story]

A Christmas Cherub and Roses 16oz Mason Jar Soy Wax Christmas Candles Choose Your Label And Scent  

I've included a short list of some of Mary's Candle Scents at the bottom of this post.

Here are several others that I have purchased from Mary.  Each one is just as beautiful as the next.  I must say...several of mine don't exactly look the same as these photos [from Mary's Etsy Shop]...they look BETTER!  If it wasn't already dark out, I'd snap pix of my actual candles.  They have alot more "sparkle" than is shown here.  [If there's some sun out tomorrow, I'll try and take a few pix and add them...so check back.]

UPDATED photo here.

These are 16 oz Mason Jar Candles...and I must say, they are the best burning candles I've ever had.  They burn evenly, but you must remember to trim your wick to 1/4" every time you burn the candle.  The scents are romantic and fresh and light, yet travel through my entire house when I burn only one candle in the middle of my kitchen island.  I burned the Cherub & Roses candle, which I had scented Victorian Christmas...and got lots of compliments - even from the contractors I had in my home.  I will be using that scent all the way through winter...I just love it.   


Mary's in California...and believe me, the time it took for her to make the candles to order and ship them to me...didn't seem like she was in California.  She is very quick to ship and ships Priority...and refunds the difference in shipping charges.  I found I got a nice little credit when she shipped my candles.  And she has always included some little item FREE in my orders.

I have been totally 100% pleased and LOVE her candles.  I won't be purchasing candles from anyone else from now on - so Mary, you better keep making candles!!!

Additional Info about Mary's Candles

Mary uses:
 Natural soy wax
All cotton wicks
Premium scents most include essential oils
These are handmade by me at time of purchase in small batches to ensure you get a high quality great smelling beautiful candle.
Each candle has 60+ burn hours respectively.

Here is a partial list of:

[the ones with an * are the scents I chose and LOVE]

*Amber Glow
Apples in maple bourbon
Baby's gotta cold 
Blueberry muffins
Brown sugar fig
Butterscotch pudding 
Caramel apples
Caramel pumpkin spice
Christine's strawberry pie
*Christmas Roses 
Cider house
Cinnamon buns
Cinnamon stick
Cranberry apple compote
Cranberry orange scones
Cucumber melon
Fresh pear
Fresh fallen leaves
Fresh fig
Fresh mountain air
Frosted carrot cake
Frosted gingerbread
German chocolate cake
Green clover and aloe
Green tea and lemongrass
Goji berry punch
Haight Ashbury 
Harvest home
*Hazelnut Cappuccino
Juicy watermelon
Lavender & Lilacs
Lavender & Rosemary
*Lavender Winds
Lemon pound cake
Lemon streusel cupcake
Lemon pound cake
Lemon verbena
Let them eat cake!
Little green apples
Mango madness!
Mary's peach
Monkey bread
Oh Christmas tree!
Oh sweet pea!
Pumpkin spice
Snicker doodles 
Streusel spice cake
Sugared peaches
Sunshine and clementines
Sun washed linen
Sweet lilac fairies
Tangerine crush
*Vanilla Hazelnut
Very vanilla
Victorian Christmas
Violets and lime
Warm apple pie
Warm cookies
White tea and ginger
White pear and peonies
Winter pears
Zulema's passion guava

I hope you visit Mary's Etsy Shop!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. Robin O'driscoll1/14/2017

    I know Mary personally, she is the most wonderful down to earth person you could ever meet. She really loves what she does and you see that in her candles. They really are the BEST, I love the gingerbread, green tea and lemongrass, butterscotch pudding,warm cookies, lemon verbena, lemon pound cake and many more. Anyone wanting to purchase great candle should purchase these!

    1. I agree Robin!! Thanks for your comment.

  2. These are beautiful! The scents all sound wonderful too!

  3. Don't you love it when you find something that hits every one of your 'musts' for a product? I am jotting her name down so that when I have used up my candles I have here I will order some from her. I am determined to USE UP stuff this year so I don't have 10 different half-products sitting around. Thanks for the info! xo Diana