My NEW Blog - 2017

Let me wish you all a Blessed and Happy New Year.  And let me just say hello to everyone visiting this blog.  I hope you follow along with me.

Why did I start another Blog?

The answer is multi-faceted.  But, mostly, it just "feels right".  I needed a change.  Some of you know that my husband moved out nearly 2 years ago [yes, almost 2 years!]...and never looked back or even called more than one time.

But, that's OK...I'm OK.  I'm doing well!  And so are my Pups.

But, there have been alot of changes - LOTS of Changes!!

And that is another reason I opted to start another get rid of the old and drag-me-down stuff I was feeling while I had the old blog.  [that is until I started to see the "light"]  

On this blog, I will be talking about alot of different subjects.  Of course, I will share pictures and posts about my PuppyKids, my home and decorating it, me [in general], Recipes, and the Courtyard Concrete Block Wall!  But, because I've experienced so many successful changes in my life the last 21 months, I'll be sharing how they came about.  Of course it took alot of prayer and trust in the Lord.  And it took an awful lot of work from me.  But I'm happy with the changes and feeling better than ever.

Weight Loss, Eating Well, and Building a Good Life will HOT topics I will be covering. 

One more thing...this is why I selected my new Blog name...the Bible verse and the definition of RESOLVE.

So, please come along with me as I share my Journey with you.


Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. I am here! Found you!!! Are you going to keep the old blog open or just let is 'sit' as is? I will put your new one on my sidebar. Good for you for making so many positive changes after all that devastation two years ago. xo Diana

  2. Hi Jan, love it here and looks like I did find you a few posts ago but didn't realize it was new. Love the pic in this post sharing my favorite bible verse. Great for you to start anew. You've come a long way in 2 years and been an inspiration throughout. I'm looking forward to your new posts and direction for the future.
    Happy New Year to you and the pups!! ��

  3. Jan I am applauding your resolve. What a perfect way to begin a new year, a new you!!! May you be richly blessed in 2017.

  4. Hi Jan! Happy New Year to you. I love your positive attitude - it's infectious!

    I'll be following and will share a link to your new blog on Poofing Facebook page. :)

  5. Hi Jan! Oh, I'm so proud of you for doing so well after the terribleness tossed on you. I'll certainly add your new blog to my list. Happy New Year and here's to blogging with you for a very long time.
    you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. How wonderful to see this new blog from you! Isn't it a cool coincidence that I used the very word resolve in my post the other day? I wonder how resolve and chronic illness work together?Definitely something to ponder! Happy 2017!

  7. Great word. I am one to start a new page/blog quite often, and sometimes for no reason other than the same reason I often change my furniture around and give a room a fresh look, it feels good to me.
    Last year was a very difficult year for me, but I'm still here so God must not be finished with me yet. I resolve to continue pressing on toward that finish line, toward our calling, His throne.
    Blessings, and I'm so glad I stopped by.