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It's that time of year...the time when I want to start deep-cleaning my home for spring and rearranging furniture, moving artwork around and creating a new and comfortable space.  This year, I have to decide whether I want to convert my Den into a Guest Room...or if I want to get those 2 new Recliners for my Keeping Room [yes, I have one, off my Hearth Kitchen]...it used to be my Dining Room!  Then there's one other thing...It's adding a fireplace to my Keeping Room.  No, I'm not going to do brick and mortar, wood burning or even a gas fireplace.  That would be too great an expense and alot of trouble.  I'd be happy with an Electric Fireplace.  You know they're not like they used to be umpteen years ago.  They look so realistic...and with a "crackler" that you can purchase, you get the sound of a burning fireplace.
Well, the fireplace is winning so far.  I've looked and checked them all out.  There are 2 basic types of electric fireplaces you can get.  One IS the Basic Electric...and then there is the Infrared Electric.  The Basic can heat a room of about 400 square feet to make it comfortable when it's cold outside.  The other can heat 1,000 square feet.  There are different types of flames to consider.  Then the size of the fireplace and the size of the insert.  Well, these are a few that I found that I thought were really pretty.  I'm not going to tell you my favorite.  Why?  Because I can't decide right now!!


And it my further searches, I've been looking at Media Centers too...and I really like both of these...

I need to narrow down the look, color and price to what I want, so that I can get it ordered. Which ones do you like?

These fireplaces with mantels were found here

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. I like all of them. My mom has one of these and really enjoys it.

  2. Hi Jan! Oh, look at all of these gorgeous fireplaces. I'd have a hard time deciding too! We got a new gas fire insert this winter because our old one bit the dust. It puts out such wonderful heat. Good luck and can't wait to see which one you decided on.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)