I ♥ Shopping - Lights Part 2

Alot of things are changing around my home.  Little by little, I have completed several projects...which I will begin showing soon.  The last one I completed was New Lights & Ceiling Fans installed in my home.  Tha was a few weeks ago and just in case you missed that post, you can read that post here.

After installing the new chandelier [above] over my Kitchen island, I decided it wasn't going to work...so I began looking for a new one.  It didn't work because it looked way more rustic than in the photo.  Also the tea-stain glass shades are more yellow than tea-stain - something I didn't like at all.  I also had to find out when/if/how much it would cost to have my electrician come back to install the new one.  Then I would have to get a Return authorization, to send it back to where I purchased it.

I did have fun looking again for a chandelier.  I knew I wanted bigger - both taller and wider - even just a little bit.  I knew I didn't want yellow shades.  I knew I definitely still wanted Bronze.  I spent several hours one night scouring lighting sites and finally found the perfect light.  It arrived today.  I opened it up and realized I had to put the light together.  It has alot of extra parts that make it so beautiful...so I got busy.  To say I love the new chandelier is putting it mildly.  The shades are so much prettier and bigger...and the new chandelier is an uplit one, unlike the previous one.

Here is the brand new Chandelier - it will be installed sometime next week.

Royal Bronze Coricelli 6 Light Single Tier Chandelier with Glass Shades

What a beauty!!  It even has 6 lights!  I can't wait for installation day!

So, did you ever purchase something and after you've installed/painted/worked on it for a while...decided you had the wrong thing and had to re-purchase something else and send the other back?  I don't do that often, but this was definitely a must.  And I'm so glad I did it.

Have a great weekend!!

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Um, the last house we just moved out of....that would be one of those mistakes. :)

    Your new light fixture is much more special!

  2. Yep- I have done that in the past and sometimes stuck with it for a long time even though I didn't like it. Good for you for making the change right away to get something you like. I really like that fixture a lot. xo Diana

  3. Hi Jan, oh yes, we've picked out our first over the island light that was also a pot rack and it was totally wrong. When we found the new one, the difference was amazing. Your new light is gorgeous. Love the design. Have a great weekend. xo

  4. Yup! A few times :) Your new light is beautiful, Jan! Love the new blog too.


  5. Oh without a doubt I've had second thoughts on many purchases, including the dress I chose for our daughter's wedding in 2015. If I could go back I would've taken more time, but as the wedding planner, mother of the bride, and everything else in between, I ran out of time. Huge believer of choosing what you love especially when you have to live with it and see it in front of you every day. No settling.
    Lovely Thursday to you, Jan.