The Lodge at Steinthal

Wow, it's going on 5 years since I visited this Grand Place...with my PuppyKids and husband. If you check their "Comments" section, you will see mine from November 12, 2012 - all about Cooking! I wanted to share this beautiful place with everyone. So, enjoy the slide show and visit this LINK, it will take you to their site and give you lots information about Steinthal. 

 If I was still travelling to Wisconsin for vacations [haven't had a vacation in 3 almost years], I would definitely want to go back here.  It was so peaceful and relaxing being there.  Lots to see and do...and I really enjoyed the amenities in the Kitchen...and the Fireplace in the Great Room.

I even cooked a meal for the Owner's Family, who we met and talked to and enjoyed.  I love to do that...and with the double ovens and huge range...I had all the room I needed to prepare it!!

Have a Great Weekend.

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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