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Whether you are a Visitor for the first time or you're a Blog Friend I've known from the very beginning of my blogging time, I feel so blessed by your presence.  Now, I must say, I do LOVE comments, so if you leave one...be assured it will make me smile and I'll visit you in return!  

I'm a Mom to two grown Sons and a Daughter in Law.  There are four small furry Pups that have stolen my ♥ and I refer to them as my PuppyKids.  {one of them - Benny - is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and is deeply loved and missed}

I love Jesus!  I love reading the Bible and doing daily Bible Studies, which I sometimes post here.

Some of my favorite things are Tea Parties and Dinners with friends and setting my Table with pretty China, Silver and Crystal and making and serving delicious Food.  Sewing, Crocheting, Antiquing, Blogging, Gardening, Interior Design and Vacationing and Playing with the PuppyKids keep me busy.

In May 2012, I had an awful bout of Bell's Palsy [facial paralysis] with no movement of the right side of my face for nearly a year...and then over the next two years, most of the movement returned.  Then again, in August 2014, I was hit with another bout of Bell's Palsy - this time bi-lateral Bell's Palsy - that's right, paralysis of BOTH sides of my face.  While I was in a tremendous amount of pain for over 6 months, movement began to be restored within about 3 months.  Now, September, 2015, almost every bit of movement has returned.  There are a couple of spots, around my mouth that don't exactly work the same, but I feel and look so much better...and for that, I'm very thankful!

In 2015, my husband was diagnosed of Cancer from the hospital and doctor he saw for a bad cough.  It was proven to be FALSE 7 weeks later, after a biopsy.  He'd shown signs of Alzheimers for a number of years, and this really took a toll on him and of course, me as well.  3 months after his diagnosis, he decided to move out.  [April 2015]  He never looked back or called more than once or twice in the time since.  Alot has changed with me and my house and the PuppyKids...and you can read about it on my new Blog [this blog, Strengthening my Resolve, which I just began on January 1, 2017].

I follow Blogging Friends by adding them to my Blog Roll - that works best for me.  If you would like me to add your blog to my Blog Roll {sometimes I slip up and forget to add a new Blog to my Blog Roll}, let me know...and I will quickly do that.

How did I get started Blogging?  I don't even remember why I decided to Blog...but I knew the minute I posted that first time, that I was going to continue.  May 3, 2008 was when I began blogging.  There have been many changes along the way...and I'm happy to be right where I am today.

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